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How to convert a PDF to JPG for easy viewing on any device

How to easily convert a PDF to JPG for easy viewing on any device....

There are plenty of worthwhile reasons to convert a Portable Document Format (PDF) to a JPG image (it’s different from a GIF, you know). Although PDF files are a fantastic way to package a slew of text and image documents together, they often require an external application or plug-in and are unnecessary if you want just a single page or image. But to make that transition, you need to know how to convert a PDF to JPG.

There Are Many Different Ways To Do This , But My Favorite Method using

Zamzar — Free web tool

Online tools can typically be used from any computer or mobile device. Since they don’t take up any room on your computer and tend to be speedy little converters, you may prefer them to other options. Their only downside is that they tend to be a little limited in the amount of data you can convert at one time, which makes them difficult to use for larger PDF files.

Still, they can be a useful tool and one of our favorites, is Zamzar. It’s incredibly straightforward. Navigate to Zamzar’s PDF to JPG conversion tool in your web browser and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 1: Select your PDF by clicking the “Choose Files” button.

Step 2: Use the drop-down list to choose the “JPG” format.

Step 3: Enter your email address where you want the file sent.

Step 4: Click “Convert” to begin the conversion process. When it’s finished, a link will be emailed to you where you download your files from.

 Zamzar can do pretty much anything to PDFs, so if you want to convert your PDFs to HTML5, BMP files, DOCX, or anything else that your project might require, you can do.

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