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Top 5 SEO tips for higher rankings

SEO is the art of developing a site to rank well in search results. SEO is for getting organic traffic to our site from search engines. In this article, I’m writing about Search Engine Optimization and Basic SEO tips for beginners. So if you have enough knowledge about SEO then I suggest you to skip this article. Well! Let us see about SEO in detail.

 What is SEO?

 SEO is the process of developing our site to appear at the top of search results. When users search for something in search engines like Google, yahoo , Bing etc., then these search engines will search for the webpages, videos and other stuff which are relevant to the search query and place them on search results.

 Generally High page ranked sites will get placed at the top of search results. But if you follow SEO tips properly, you can also get good traffic from search engines.

SEO is of Two types. They are 1.On page SEO 2. Off page SEO
1.On page SEO
On page SEO includes all the tips that you need to follow while writing your articles such as providing quality content, appropriate title, keyword research, keyword placement, adding proper images etc.,
2.Off page SEO
Off page SEO deals with the promotion of your content, getting back links. It’s all about link building and increasing link popularity by submitting your site to search engines and trusted directories.

Top 5 SEO tips to get Higher rankings

 As there are lots of SEO tips available, I’m listing Top 5 best SEO tips which works great to increase blog traffic from search engines and to improve rankings.

1. Quality content

Always try to provide quality content in your blog. If you write quality posts then people will like your articles and share them so that that you can increase your blog traffic. On the other hand, if you copy stuff from other sources than people may get the wrong impression on you and will effect your blog traffic in a bad way. So try to provide genuine content in your blog articles.

2. Social Media

Social media is the best source to increase blog traffic. As you are beginner, you cannot get huge traffic in over night. So all you need to do is to get traffic from social media.
Just follow these simple steps to increase blog traffic from social media.
1.Create a Facebook Fan page for your blog and try to promote your articles       over there.
2. Join Facebook groups related to your niche and promote your articles.
3. Try to get more traffic from Google + because Google plus has more impact on site ranking. Join Google plus communities, share your content and try interact with other bloggers.
3. Use Twitter , linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit to increase your traffic.
4.Stumbleupon : In my view StumbleUpon is the Best social networking site to increase your blog traffic.

3. Link Building

Link Building is the process of getting back links to your site from other sites. To get quality back links to your site write Guest posts for trusted and high page ranked sites and ask them for a Do Follow back link. Search engine bots follow these Do Follow back links so you can get more traffic to your site. Also Commenting on CommentLuv blogs will helps you to get traffic.

4. Responsive Template

Use responsive and well SEO optimized template for your blog. Responsive template makes your users comfortable while reading and is an extra benefit for your success in blogging. So use good looking responsive template for your blog and try to have less loading time for your blog by removing unwanted widgets.

5. Image Optimization

Use proper images for your blog articles and try to have at least one image for every blog post. After adding image to your post, just click on properties and give Title text and Alt text. Search engine bots will read this Alt text from your article so use image optimization for better results.
 These are Top 5 best SEO tips for newbies to increase blog traffic. As you are beginner, you need to get good traffic to your site. Just use above SEO tips for better results. If you like my article, then feel free to share it with others. I’ll post more SEO Tips and Tricks in my future articles.

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