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Facebook Launches Youth Portal to Educate Teens About Privacy, Online Safety

Facebook has launched a Youth Portal with the goal of educating young social media users about online safety and how to make the most out of its social media platform. The Youth Portal is basically an online compendium of how-to articles that instruct young users about the tools and features available on Facebook, and also presents Facebook’s Data Policy in a more understandable language so that users can easily comprehend how their data is used by the company.

The Youth Portal’s homepage is divided into two sections – Facebook Basic and Tips and resources. The Facebook Basic section instructs users about core Facebook tools like creating a profile, event, page, etc. on its platform, aside from doling out some tips related to privacy and security.

The Security section advises users about common security measures such as setting up an unrecognized login alert, creating an extra layer of account security, recovering a hacked account and tips on how to avoid scams and phishing attacks. On the other hand, the Safety section provides useful tips on how to keep away from malicious users by using tools such as Message Block, reporting violent content, etc.

The Privacy section can prove to be particularly useful as it not only instructs users on how to safeguard their privacy, but also helps them clearly understand the terms of Facebook’s Data Policy such as information collected by Facebook, how it is used and shared, etc. It also provides information about the ways in which users can manage the data shared with Facebook.

The Tips and resources page is all about general instructions from experienced Facebook users about expressing ideas and opinion in the right way, being alert about Facebook connections, keeping their account secure, etc. There is also a blog section where young users can read blogs penned by fellow youngsters about the ways in which Facebook can be used safely and productively.

Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Global Head of Safety, and Karuna Nain, Global Policy Programs Manager revealed that the Youth Portal is now available in 60 languages and that it was created after taking inputs from young users in UK, Italy, Brazil and the United States.

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